Gamedrive / Game Watching

On a tour of our wilderness area we can show you many of the animals typical of the area. We don`t have any lions, rhinos or elephants but we content with our oryx, springbok, kudu, warthogs and antelope. They make nicer neighbours anyway...

A particularly rewarding experience is two or three hours around dusk in our viewing tower. Arm yourself with binoculars and let your thoughts wander as you relax in the quiet of the afternoon savannah. At first there might be nothing happening but as the shadows lengthen the scene comes to life. Oryx appear as if from nowhere, or a kudu bull leads fis harem to the feeding station. Perhaps a warthog and her young trot by with their tails in the air, or a flock of weaver birds appears briefly before being swallowed up again in their own giant nest colony.

The horizon is stains red under the setting sun. Breathe out with the day, and become part of the scene yourself.


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