25" Obsession Dobsonian

Position: S 23° 27' 38,6 " / E 18° 01' 01,7"

Forget averted vision. Globulars, nebulae, and galaxies will come screaming out of the eyepiece. Join the realm of Herschel whose famous NGC catalog of deep sky object descriptions are exactly what you will experience. This is the telescope that Dave Kriege, founder of Obsession, uses for his personal observing. The Obsession 25" is considered to be the ultimate telescope for the serious deep sky astronomer. One person set up, one handed guiding, one incredible observing machine. Try direct vision - you'll get used to it.

Probably the largest instrument for visual observing under southern skies!

Standard 25" f/4 Obsession Dobsonian telescope with:

Equipped with Argo Navis Digital setting circles, using 10.000-step optical encoders, for quick, easy access to all objects in the NGC, IC, and Messier catalogs. Maximize your Southern Hemisphere viewing experience.
2" dual speed focuser "Event Horizon" from


TeleVue 35mm Panoptic (2")
TeleVue 20mm Panoptic (2")
TeleVue 17.3mm Delos (2")
TeleVue 13mm Nagler (1.25")
TeleVue 11mm Nagler (1.25")
TeleVue 9mm Nagler (1.25")
additional 1.25" and 2" eyepieces have to be brought by the client


Parracor coma corrector
Barlowed Laser Collimator "Astro Beam II"
Quik-Point finder
Light shroud
1.25" to 2" adapter
2" premium nebula filter Televue O-III
1.25" Lumicon UHC filter

Tools for collimation

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