Losmandy G11 and Gemini "Go-To" drive
The mount sits on a sturdy steel-tube tripod from a Vixen Atlux mount. For quicker setup, the Losmandy has a polar finder scope for the southern sky. Thorough instructions are provided.

For instrument mounting, the declination axis holds a sturdy aluminium plate on a Losmandy dovetail, making it possible to mount two telescopes in parallel.

At Tivoli, three telescopes are available for use with this mount:
• Celestron C8 Schmidt-Cassegrain
• Vixen 200mm f.4 Newtonian telescope with coma corrector
• Achromatic 150mm f.5 refractor

These three telescopes can (pending availability) be used in any combination. The dovetailing parts can be moved in parallel, so that two telescopes can always be brought into perfect equilibrium.

Mounting your own instruments is also possible, provided they are attached to a Baader Type III dovetail track.

You`ll find more information at the Baader website.

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