Astro-Physics GTO-Mach1
(with GTOCP4 Control Box)

German Equatorial Mount with Auto-Adjusting Motor Gearbox

The GTO-Mach1 was presented in 2006 and was promptly chosen as one of Sky & Telescope`s Hot Products for 2007! There is much to admire in the Mach1GTO. It is beautifully machined, intelligently designed, precisely fabricated and assembled, and it has sophisticated electronics and servo drive controls. At the moment, the Mach1 is the only mount of German design in its class, in which ALL cable connections to the telescope (CCD camera, electric focusing, etc.) are passed through the polar axis. Both axes have 2 inch clearance holes down the center with no shafts protruding into the holes. Wires from CCD cameras and accessories can be inserted from the bottom of the RA axis to emerge from the top of the Dec axis. Channels have been machined to allow the cables to be routed under the mounting plates. There is no restriction of rotation with the wires inserted - one can rotate both axes more than 360 degrees without catching the wires on any parts.

The heart of this mount is a precision gearbox using custom high-quality fine-pitch gears, coupled to a highly accurate worm and worm wheel. These parts are manufactured and assembled at Astro-Physics and individually tested to meet or exceed Astro-Physics periodic error specification of 7 arc seconds (+/- 3,5 ars sec.) before introducing any periodic error correction.

Astro-Physics has designed new motor/gearboxes for all Astro-Physics mounts - also for the GO-Mach1. The new motor/gearboxes were designed to be more responsive for precision astro-photography, while at the same time making it super easy to use and adjust.


• Multiple options for controlling your mount. You have your choice of the GTO Keypad, which is a full-featurede handheld computer, PC computers using a wide variety of software with or without ourASCOM driver, Mac computers or even your mobile smart device(like your iPhone or iPad)

Three telescopes are available for the Mach1GTO:
• Celestron C8
• Vixen Newton Telescope 200/800mm with coma corrector
• Refractor 150mm aperture, 750 mm focal lenght

Mounting your personal telescope is possible given that you have a connection for the Losmandy 3 inch dovetail.


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