Observing the Southern Sky
Beginners, experienced amateurs and professionals alike will find plenty to look at particularly if they come from Northern latitudes.

Under the perfect conditions of the Namibian desert even the naked-eye Southern Sky will drop your jaw the first time you see it. It is simply magnificent and no written account or photograph can prepare you for it. None of our first-time visitors will ever forget it and many of them become regular guests.

Free from air and light pollution...
The namibian climate is generally dry, with a very high percentage of clear nights and sunny days.
During the namibian winter months from May to September, temperatures can fall below freezing at night, whereas daytime temperatures usually reach 60-70F
Because the nearest town is so distant -- the staight-line distance to Windhoek is 80 miles -- and because we accomodate only astronomers, no disturbing sources of light interfere.
Amateur astronomers of all level of experience will find the perfect place to practice astronomy at their own pace. Here, under optimal seeing conditions, astronomy-lovers are able to pursue their hobby, meet others who share their interest, and spend some relaxing time away from work.

Ambitious visual and photographic projects have been undertaken by advanced amateurs at Tivoli, but the beginner has at least as much to gain from the climatic, technical and practical advantages here. Whether you are a dedicated professional or a curious newcomer, we are sure you will enjoy this place and leave it further convinced of the infinite possibilities of your chosen pursuit.


The milkyway 30 minutes after sunset...
and 30 minutes later.

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