Observatory Taurus with Astrophysics GTO1200 mount
Location: S 23° 27' 40,9" / E 18° 01' 02,2"
Use is tied to a rental and use agreement.
Please have a look at the "Conditions and extent of rental" at the bottom of this page.

Contents of the Observatory
Astro Physics GTO 1200 mount
GoTo mount which offers the best possible precision and stability.
It is guided by manual controls. Computer guidance in GoTo mode is also possible using a laptop, the software GUIDE 8.0 or TheSky 5.0 and a serial cable.
The mount can be guided via an interface by all CCD cameras (ST-7E bis ST-2000XM) in self-guide mode.
Note: Software, notebook and CCD-cameras are not included and have to be supplied by the user, if desired!

Rolldachhütte, bestückt mit...

...C11 auf GTO1200 Montierung und
Astro Physics Starfire 130 Apo-Refraktor

Information about the mount
The mount is perfectly southern-aligned and the GTO 1200 has such precision that exposures of up to 20 minutes are possible with 300 mm telephoto lens without any guidance control or correction (shorter focal lengths may allow even longer exposure times). Click on here to see a sample image (t=20 minutes).
The GoTo mount has such precision that even in spite of permanent oscillation between the east and west side at circa 50x magnification, the objects can always be found within the field of view during the entire observing night!
Conditions and extent of rental
Mount and telecopes as described above
Minimum of 5 night´s rental
Use is tied to a rental and use agreement which can be downloaded here als a PDF file.
Since the entire range of equipment has a value of about
€ 30.000 rental will be done to experienced amateurs.
Mounting of the user's own telescopes is not possible.
If you are interested in renting the observatory, we kindly ask you to make printout of the instructions for use which provide necessary information about running the observatory and switching the optics. Please read these informations carefully.
Users must supply the following accessories
The eyepiece tube of the StarFire refractor ends in a "four-in-one" two-inch connector made by the Baader company. Any ocular accessories for the finder scope and StarFire refractor (eyepieces, prisms, filters, etc.; 2" and 1 1/4 connections possible) must be supplied by the user.
SBIB CCD camera and accessories if desired.
Laptop and telescope guiding program GUIDE or TheSky.

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