10" ASA Astrograph

This ASA N10 - 10 inch Newton Astrograph f3.8, with corrector f3,61, was acquired from ASA in April in brand-new condition.

It is equipped with the auto focusser AAF3 of ASA, a 3 inch Wynne corrector with a 0,95 reduction factor and the following camera adapters:

a) camera adapter for DSLR Canon
b) camera adapter for DSLR Nikon
c) camera adapter for ASI 1600 MM Pro

Should you wish to use the 10" ASA with a different camera, please reach out to Gerald Rhemann at ASA to enquire about the adapter required for your camera..

Technical specifications:

- 254mm aperture
- 900mm focal length
- 100mm secondary mirror
- 50mm corrector field






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