Which telescope optics do you prefer?
At TIVOLI, you have the choice:

20" Dobson
16" Hypergraph (in observatory)
14" Advanced-Ritchey-Chrétien (in observatory)
14" Dobsonian
11" Schmidt-Cassegrain Celestron (in observatory)
11" Schmidt-Cassegrain Celestron with carbon fibre tube
12,5" Dobsonian
10" Dobsonian
8" Newton reflector Vixen
8" Schmidt-Cassegrain Celestron
5" Apochromatic refractor Starfire (in observatory)
6" Fraunhofer refractor
90mm Maksutov Meade
80mm Maksutov Celestron
80mm Fraunhofer refractor Vixen

Of course, each optics can be equipped with the matching mount.
All telescopes are in a good state and are being maintained properly. Your advantage:
Traveling literally light-hearted!

Please make use of the enquiry form to make an option on the desired telescopes and accessories.
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