Accessories and equipment available for our guests:

Eyepieces 1.25"
• Plössl 7,4mm; 10,5mm; 17mm;
• Baader 35mm
• LVW 17mm 65
• Ortho 12,5mm illuminated-recticle eyepiece
• Celestron 6mm illuminated-recticle eyepiece

Eyepiece accessories 1.25"
• Photo adapter
• Reducer/Corrector f/6.3
• Zenith prism (Baader)
• Radial guider
• Vixen GA 4 guider with Barlow lens

Eyepiece accessories 2"
• Photo adapter
• Crayford-eyepiece extender (Baader)

Mount accessories
• Sinus II control
• Track to accomodate two heavy finderscopes
  (even 6x6) and two golf balls
• Several weights (see below)
• Several adaption plates (see: mount adaptors)

• 2x 6,5 kg for HEQ-5, drill-holes- 18,0 mm
• 2x 9,2 kg, drill-holes- 29,9 mm
• 2x 3,6 kg for SP-DX, drill-holes- 20,3 mm
• 2 x 5,4 kg for DX, drill-holes- 20,0 mm
• 2x 3,3 kg, drill-holse- 16,0 mm
• 2x 19,5 mm, drill-holes- 31,5 mm
• 4x 5 kg for Losmandy G11, drill-holes- 32,0 mm
• 2x 10 kg for Losmandy G11, drill-holes- 32,0 mm
• 1x 5 kg for GTO 1200, drill-holes- 47,2 mm
• more counterweights ...

Mount adaptors...
• for Losmandy G11 fitted to Atlux tripod
• for Losmandy G11 for for northern telescope column
• for Takahashi EM 200 for northern telescope column
• for SP-mount for southern telescope column (stabel plastic)
• for Astrophysics CNC 400-mount for southern telescope column
• for Mizar EX for steel columns GP
• for GP-DX and HEQ-5 mount for steel columns GP (3 pieces)
• for Vixen Sphinx-Mount for southern telescope column
• with 30 mm drill-hole for southern telescope column
• with 8 mm drill-hole (extension) for northern telescope column
• more adaptors...

• High-grade steel pier for Losmandy G11 mount.
• sturdy pier for Atlux mount (orig. Atlux tripod)
• sturdy Celestron tripod with 1/4" photothread
• Universal pier with 1/4" photothread

• We offer a very well-equipped workshop for the use of our guests. You will find a vice, drills, soldering equipment, screwdriver sets and much more.

The power supply at TIVOLI... 220 volts AC stagger free. The observatories are supplied with 220 volts AC.
A power converter is provided: 220V / 13,8 Volt - 3/5 A.
Adapter are provided in sufficient quantity.

 Travel with lightweight baggage

The good astronomical infrastructure and the wide range of ready-to-use observatories is part of a bunch of advantages, TIVOLI offers for your astronomical holiday.
Instead of paying money for extra luggage and risk damage to your equipment, you can travel with easy-to-handle lightweight luggage and reduce circumstances. On the astronomical side, all you need is:

Your Astro-photoequipment
Your eyepiece accessories
Your laptop

That's all - isn't that a good idea?

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