Eating and drinking

Astronomer`s breakfast: "Breakfast at TIVOLI's"
Owing to the excellent conditions in Namibia, and considering how far you have come to enjoy them, we hope and expect that your observing sessions will be long ones. After falling into bed intoxicated by all that you have seen and close to dawn, we do not imagine you will want to get up at cock`s crow (Don`t worry. We haven`t actually got a cockerel)

Breakfast therefore becomes more of a brunch, served in cosy and informal surroundings at a time arranged to suit you.

Depending on the season and the harvest, and if the other guests haven`t gobbled them up, there are some Namibian specialities to wake yourself up with:
Oranges - freshly squeezed from our garden.

Opuntien - cactus figs from which we produce homemade jam.

Mulberries - rich in vitamins and reputed to enhance night vision. See if you can squeeze an extra half-magnitude out of them.


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