The Accomodation


This octagonal guesthouse contains a lounge, two single rooms, shower, toilet and a kitchen with gas cooker, fridge and mini-bar. A sliding glass door separates the lounge from the comfortable, insect-free verandah.

The Kopernikus rooms are only a few steps away from the concrete telescope piers. Site plan

Prices include a (late) breakfast, dinner and a late night snack.
If you would like to stay outside the winter months of May to September - perhaps for some special event in the sky, or perhaps simply to enjoy some relaxing astronomy in a T-Shirt from a deck chair.

Clear skies - guaranteed at Tivoli?
With the utmost probability you will enjoy clear skies from May until September. During the rest of the year, astronomical conditions may be perfect as well, but you will always have to expect clouds.
Free WiFi!
For a current satellite picture, look here.


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