Questions and Answers

Astronomy at Tivoli

What astronomical accessories are available on the farm?
See accessory list
Are there tables and chairs available for observing?
We have plenty of portable tables and chairs, including deck chairs, for your convenience and comfort.
What is the mains voltage? Are adapters required?
TIVOLI Guest Farm has constant 220V/50Hz mains electricity. There are plenty of adapters to fit continental European appliances. If you need to use UK appliances you will need to bring your own adapters to the "europlug" configuration.
Auf Grund der angespannten Energiesituation, in der sich Namibia momentan befindet, muß in Zukunft mit Stromausfällen gerechnet werden. Für daraus resultierende Nutzungsausfälle können wir nicht haftbar gemacht werden.


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