Heaven enough for beginners and professionals

Anyone who has never seen the southern starry sky under the perfect atmospheric conditions of the Namibian desert will take their breath away here. The first night on Tivoli is an experience for all of our guests without exception, which they will never forget and which, for many of them, leads to coming back to the farm again and again.

No experience report, no matter how perfect astrophotography can give you even a slight idea of ​​what feeling you will feel when you experience the archaic splendor of a perfect starry sky for the first time with your own eyes. Amateur astronomers of all levels of experience and knowledge will find the ideal place for relaxed and successful astronomy. Here, star friends can indulge in their hobby under the best observation conditions, exchange experiences with like-minded people and relax from everyday working life.

Here on TIVOLI, many experienced amateur astronomers have successfully carried out their most ambitious visual and photographic observation projects. But even as a beginner, you will benefit from the perfect technical, logistical and atmospheric framework conditions that are offered to you here.

Whether you are an ambitious professional or curious beginner, you will definitely take one home with you: Discover how infinitely beautiful your hobby can be!

Crystal clear nights, no light pollution
  • The climate in Namibia is generally dry, with a very high percentage of clear nights and sunny days.
  • The Namibian winter months from May to September offer ideal atmospheric conditions for astronomy. During this time, temperatures can drop below freezing at night, while it usually gets 15–20 ° C during the day.
  • The large distance to the next town, 130 km as the crow flies to Windhoek, but also the fact that we only accommodate astronomers, excludes disturbing light sources.