TIVOLI Southern Sky Guest Farm is situated about 180 km southeast of the capital Windhoek. It is an oasis of green in the shifting red sand and waving yellow grass of the Kalahari Desert. There are no mountains here - the terrain is flat - and yet we are 1362 metres above sea level. The Tropic of Capricorn crosses our farm. The observatory's coordinates are: 23°27'40" South - 18°01'01" East

Our family have owned this farm since 1963. The business is carried on the woolly backs of the black-fleeced Karakul sheep which we re-introduced in 1999. These sheep were called the "black diamonds of Namibia" and until we find any real diamonds on our farm they remain our most valuable resource. We are not offended by the derogatory English expression "black sheep of the family" but it certainly doesn`t apply here!

The potential of the farm as an astronomical site was first recognised in 1986 with the installation of two concrete piers. Demand and facilities grew steadily from there and today visitors will find a well-appointed astronomical venue.

We also offer farm tours, game viewing and dune sundowners.