Planning your stay

New moon phases

The best time for astronomy are the days around the new moon, because then no disturbing moonlight hinders the perception of faint objects in the sky. In the table opposite, we have therefore listed the time slots for an optimal astro vacation for the astro season 2024 and 2025. They start 1 week before and end 1 week after the new moon.

Book your return flight as close as possible to the dates specified in the time window for the month in question.

Is there still an apartment available?

The tables show whether an apartment is still available in the new moon phase of the current year and the coming years that you want. It is generally advisable to book early.


Month Time slot New moon Availability of rooms
April 02.04. - 15.04. 08.04. rooms available
May 01.05. - 15.05. 08.05. fully booked
June 30.05. - 14.06. 06.06. fully booked
July 28.06. - 13.07. 05.07. fully booked
August 28.07. - 12.08. 04.08. rooms available
September 26.08. - 11.09. 03.09. rooms available
October 24.09. - 09.10. 02.10. fully booked


Month Time slot New moon Availability of rooms
April 21.04. - 04.05. 27.04 rooms available
May 20.05. - 01.06. 26.05. fully booked
June 18.06. - 01.07. 25.06. fully booked
July 18.07. - 01.08. 24.07. fully booked
August 16.08. - 01.09. 22.08. rooms available
September 14.09. - 30.09. 21.09. rooms available

Because of the summer holidays, the months of June-August are usually booked out first. You should therefore book as early as possible, preferably in the spring of the previous year.

However, cancellations can result in short-term opportunities!

Astronomy on Tivoli
  • The accommodation prices in our apartments include (late) breakfast, coffee and cake, dinner and night meals.
  • Astronomy from a deck chair in a T-shirt under the Namibian summer starry sky! Ask us for an offer!
  • Free WiFi!
  • For a current satellite picture, look here.