10" Dobsonian

Hubert's 10-Inch telescope

Location: S 23° 27' 40,8" / E 18° 01' 01,1"

You just have to love him. Hubert anyway, but certainly also his 10 "f / 5 Dobson, which we rent out on behalf of Tivoli for visual observations. It is simply fun to use this handy, uncomplicated instrument to vacuum large areas of fog or to rummage in southern Milky Way clouds.

When using a 2 "wide-angle eyepiece and approx. 2 ° field of view, it is the ideal instrument for such pleasurable activity. The optics used are identical to those that Martin Birkmaier (Intercon Spacetec) installs in his Galaxy D10 Dobsons. The "Zero expansion" main mirror was specified in Germany with a Strehl value of 0.95 (Wolfgang Rohr, Hassfurt). The Dobsonian is equipped with a 2 "Helical Crayford focuser (Gerd Neumann jr., Hamburg) including a 1 1/4" reducer, a Telrad base including Telrad finder and a finder bracket for 68mm maximum outer diameter of your finder scope. A sliding counterweight on a rod of the trellis tube guarantees a perfect balance of the Dobsonian with any kind of accessories on the upper tube (minimum: Telrad finder without eyepiece, maximum: Telrad finder and an additional approx. 1.4 kg for finderscope and eyepiece ).

Please remember to bring your own viewfinder and, in any case, your own eyepieces. Use is linked to a rental and usage contract, which you can view here as a PDF file. You can find the tariffs here. Any questions about technical details will be answered from Hubert Schupke.