Map of the columns

We support you as much as possible ...

For our guests, we have several stable telescopic columns available, for different mounting classes:

The concrete columns are powered by 220V AC. There are sufficient extension cables and adapters to convert from the Namibian 3-pole system to a German Schuko system. The connecting dimensions of the concrete columns can be seen in the drawing

The columns are in the immediate vicinity of the accommodations, so that it is always possible to have a coffee to warm up in the Astrotreff or in your heated room.

Once mounted, telescopes do not have to be dismantled during the day. It is advisable to protect them from the sun, heat and dust only with foil during the day.

Large, stable folding tables as storage space for accessories and maps are sufficiently available, as are seating options.

Click on the areal photo oat the top right for a larger view or download a printable PDF-file.