11“ Celestron Alutubus

This device is an optic with excellent quality, specially selected for the observation of the Halley comet in the eighties by the company Vehrenberg from the model series.

The telescope is mounted on a 3" dovetail rail.

Technical data and equipment

  • d = 280mm; f = 2800mm; f / 10
  • 2" BDS-SC Baader Diamond Steeltrack focuser
  • 8x50 finderscope
  • Telrad
  • 2" zenith prism
  • Celestron Reducer / Corrector f / 6.3
  • separate 2" Vixen rail with Vixen clamp for mounting another optic on the tube

This optic may only be used on the Fornax 51 mount, the AP Mach1 and the AP GTO1200 mountings.