Climate and clothes

The namibian winter (May to September) is characterised by extreme differences between daytime and night-time temperatures. Temperatures may exceed 25 degrees centigrade by day and yet fall below zero at night.

Sun and humidity

The cloudless skies and low humidity (20-30%) so ideal for astronomy are also highly conducive to sunburn, dehydration and the shivers. Sun-cream, lip balm, T-shirts and shorts should be snuggling up against the woolly hat, sweatshirts and padded jacket in your luggage. None of this need worry the European astronomer - just be prepared to dress as you would for winter at home.

Alles dabei?
  • Fleece sweater and down jacket
  • warm, long legged underwear
  • hiking shoes
  • heatable insoles
  • Gloves and knitted cap
  • T-Shirt
  • sunglasses, suncream, sunprotection
  • lip balm, rich cream