Here you will find the latest information on airlines that resumed flights to Namibia / Windhoek. Eurowings Discover is flying directly 5 times a week from Frankfurt to Windhoek.  Ethiopien Airlines is flying via Addis Abeba to Windhoek. In addition, you can find out about the current travel warnings from the Federal Foreign Office and statistics on the number of Corona cases in Namibia.

What does "travel warning" actually mean?

The Federal Foreign Office distinguishes three levels of recommendations: Travel advice: They contain information on the relevant peculiarities of a country, such as entry requirements, customs regulations, criminal law regulations and medical information. Safety note: With this information, travelers are made aware of country-specific risks for Germans where necessary.

Travel warning: It is issued if it has to be assumed that every traveler "faces a concrete danger to life and limb", says the Foreign Office. This means that travelers are advised not to travel to these countries. Germans living in a country affected by a travel warning may be asked to leave the country.

What if I travel anyway? If you are considering traveling despite the travel warning, you should be aware of the possible consequences. Because anyone who travels to a risk area is usually not protected by travel health insurance. Most insurance policies do not apply. However, there are special health insurance policies that also apply in high-risk areas.

Should there be a second wave of Corona while on vacation, travelers would not be returned from their home country. The Federal Foreign Office emphasizes that a state-organized return campaign for vacationers like in March and April will not be possible again.