10“ ASA Astrograph

We acquired this ASA N10 - 10 inch Newtonian Astrograph f / 3.8 (with corrector f / 3.61) brand new from ASA in April 2019.

It is equipped with the auto focuser AAF3 from ASA, a 3 inch Wynne corrector (backfocus: 57,29mm) with the reduction factor 0.95 and the following camera adapters:

a) Camera adapter for DSLR Canon
b) Camera adapter for DSLR Nikon
c) Camera adapter for ASI 1600 MM Pro

If you want to use the 10" ASA with another camera, please contact Gerald Rhemann at ASA and inquire which adapter is necessary for your camera.

Technical specifications

Opening: 254mm Focal length: 900mm Secondary mirror: 100mm Corrected field: 50mm