Astrograph 130/520

This noble telescope has 8 lenses in 4 groups. All lenses are spherical and multi-coated. The good imaging performance is shown in high MTF values ​​at 100Lp / mm. The star image results in round spots in the entire image field. The built-in temperature compensation is effective up to 4° Kelvin with 9 µm pixels.

The telescope is mounted in pipe clamps on a 3" dovetail rail.

Technical data and equipment

  • d = 130mm; f = 520mm; f / 4
  • flat image field Ø 50mm
  • Back focus from flange M82x1; 100.067mm
  • 3"´Astrophysics focuser
  • Weight: 12.6kg separate
  • 3" dovetail rail on the pipe clamps for mounting additional optics
  • Baader finder shoe for finderscope

Existing adapters

  • Adapter for STL + 5 filter wheel
  • Adapter for STL + 8 filter wheel
  • Adapter for STXL
  • Adapter for Canon DSLR

Existing accessories

  • Batinov mask
  • Flatfield target