Celestron CGE Pro

The Celestron CGE Pro mount

Together with the computer control and the database of over 40,000 objects, this mount was completely redeveloped in order to be able to offer numerous advantages, especially for astrophotography. Due to its solid construction and the high-quality materials used, it is able to safely and easily carry a 14" SC telescope and longer optical tubes up to a maximum load of 40 kg.

The meridian tracking enables an extended tracking passage of up to 20° beyond the meridian in order to be able to continue taking pictures undisturbed. Improved gears and motors offer a higher setting speed of more than 5° per second. With the simple standard alignment via the hand box, the CGE Pro mount is able to center a star in the eyepiece or on the CCD chip with an accuracy of 5 arc minutes. With the advanced NexStar Advanced positioning options such as star calibration, sync and high-precision GoTo, the accuracy of the positioning can be adjusted to less than 1 arc minute in the entire sky. The CGE-Pro offers a tracking accuracy of 9 arc seconds, which can be further reduced together with the integrated PPEC software (programmable compensation of the periodic worm error). There is also a pointing model for the mount in the Celestron Nexstar handbox. This is essential when it comes to positioning small objects on a CCD chip or at high magnifications in the eyepiece. With the help of several calibration stars, the computer calculates a model of the optical and mechanical inaccuracies that always occur with an equatorial mount and includes these in the calculation of the positioning. All CGE mounts are compatible with the Celestron CN 16 GPS accessories. Connect the GPS to the mount and it will automatically detect the exact location and time.

The revised electronics supply a constantly regulated current to the motors in order to be able to center the mount perfectly on an object in any position, even if the telescope is not 100% balanced. This also enables the CGE Pro mount to carry a much higher payload.

The mount is set up on a free-standing column to the south.

220V AC is available directly at the column.