Losmandy G11

This Losmandy G11 mount is equipped with stepper motors and is not GoTo-capable. Nevertheless, this mount can be cast via an RJ12 interface. Can be used for wide-angle shots or shots with focal lengths up to approx. 500mm

  • Interfaces: ST4 compatible interface Connections:
  • hand controller, RA and DE motors (two cables), 1 autoguider socket RJ12
  • Positioning is possible using the Losmandy control box
  • Load capacity of the mount photographically: max. 20kg

The mount is ready-to-use on a concrete, sturdy tubular steel column filled with concrete. There is an approximately 3m x 3m large concrete surface around the column, which is surrounded by flexibly removable wind protection nets. A movable roof protects against sunlight during the day. There is a table and two chairs, as well as 220V AC power.

The mount is equipped with a 3 "Baader clamp. An aluminum plate with a 3" rail is available, on which there are 2 parallel Losmandy 3 "clamps. This enables two parallel telescopes, each of which must be equipped with 3" rails.

You can install your own instruments if you have a connection for the 3 "Baader clamp.