Losmandy G11 with FS2

Our Losmandy G11 mount is equipped with Swiss ESCAP servo motors, which are screwed to the mount in sturdy aluminum housings. The FS control from Dipl. Ing. Koch in the 30V version is used.

  • Interfaces: ST4 and serial interfaces
  • Connections: hand controller, RA and DE motors (two cables), serial interface, encoder, 2 autoguider sockets (one RJ12)
  • Automatic positioning is possible using the FS2 control box as well as a PC
  • Load capacity of the mount photographically: max. 22kg

The mount is ready-to-use on a concrete, sturdy tubular steel column filled with concrete. There is an approximately 3m x 3m large concrete surface around the column, which is surrounded by flexibly removable wind protection nets. A movable roof protects against sunlight during the day. There is a table and two chairs, as well as 220V AC power.

The mount is equipped with a 3 "Baader clamp. An aluminum plate with a 3" rail is available, on which there are 2 parallel Losmandy 3 "clamps. This enables two parallel telescopes, each of which must be equipped with 3" rails.

You can install your own instruments if you have a connection for the 3 "Baader clamp.