127mm Astrophysics Starfire Apochromat

Use in connection with a Canon DSLR camera: Use the Field Flattener in connection with the 67 RT adapter and the Canon T-ring.

Use in conjunction with other SLR and CCD cameras: Use the Field Flattener in conjunction with the 67 RT adapter and your camera-specific T-ring (T2 / bayonet adapter)

The telescope is mounted on a 3" dovetail rail.

Technical data and equipment:

  • d=127mm; f=1040mm; f/8
  • Astrophysics focuser with Feathertouch reduction:
  • inkl. 80mm Astrophysics Leitrohr, f=900mm
  • Celestron 7x50 finderscope
  • Adapter for T2 connections
  • Adapter for Canon DSLR
  • Various adapters for connecting CCD cameras
  • inkl. Astrophysics 2,7" Prime Focus Field Flattener
  • Batinovmaske