4“ APQ Refractor

The refractor shown is a 4" refractor with a 105 / 800mm oil-filled, 3-lens apochromatic optic with fluorite glass and a measured beam of 0.99, which is absolutely identical to the Zeiss APQ.

This device has been handcrafted by the company Astrotheke, Lindelbach (Ralf Mündlein), has an aluminum tube and a massive 3.5 "extension with fine drive from the company Baader.

The telescope is mounted on a 3" dovetail rail.

Technical data and equipment

  • d=105mm; f=800mm; f/7,6
  • Tube weight: 7.5kg
  • 3.5" Baader focuser with fine adjustment
  • Field flattener with M68 thread
  • Adapter M68 to 2"
  • Adapter for Canon DSLR
  • Batinovmaske