Takahashi FSQ 106 ED with SestoSenso2

The large focuser can be rotated around the optical axis without changing the focus position. The standard MEF-3 Microfocus makes focusing easier with a 1: 7 reduction.

Technical data and equipment

  • Optical design: four-lens Petzval Apochromat
  • Weight tube: 7.0 kg
  • Free opening: 106 mm
  • Visual limit size: 13.1 mag


  • Focal length: 530 mm
  • Opening ratio: f / 5.0
  • Photographically usable field: 88 mm

With Extender-Q 1.6x:

  • Focal length: 850 mm
  • Opening ratio: f / 8.0
  • Photographic usable field: 44 mm

With QE reducer:

  • Focal length: 385 mm
  • Opening ratio: f / 3.6
  • Photographic usable field: 44 mm

Since the FSQ only has a focus path of around 3 cm, an exact adjustment of the light path to the equipment to be connected is necessary. The back focus is 178 mm, so extension sleeves are ready. The following extension sleeves (we have specially provided screw-on extension sleeves to prevent the risk of tipping) and adapters are available on Tivoli and enable the connection of (almost) all conventional cameras for astrophotography:

  • Extensions M72 to M72 thread: 2 x 52 mm
  • 2 x 17 mm
  • Adapter M72 to Wide-T
  • Wide-T to Canon EOS adapter
  • Wide-T to T2 adapter
  • Adapter M72 to 2 "connection

The FSQ-106 ED is mounted on a 3" rail using original Takahashi pipe clamps and can be used on any mount you have brought with you, or on one of the TIVOLI mounts (with the exception of the ASA mounts).

This compilation does not replace reading the manual!

This Tak FSQ 106ED is equipped with a SestoSenso2 motor focuser.

SESTO SENSO 2 - The highly accurate, advanced, vibration free, robotic focusing motor for your telescope! Connect it to the USB port of your EAGLE or Windows® computer to electronically control focus while still allowing you to manually move your focuser by hand if needed. If you don’t want to focus using a computer, you can connect wirelessly from any smartphone or tablet using the integrated Virtual HandPad via the built-in Wifi network in the SESTO SENSO 2! Thanks to the Self Centering Clamp technology (SCC), SESTO SENSO 2 can be installed on most focusers without the need of external brackets. The supplied PLAY software and ASCOM driver allow easy configuration of the many advanced features of SESTO SENSO 2. Thanks to the precisely controlled motor with integrated electronics, SESTO SENSO 2 achieves incredible precision of just 0.7 microns.