Observatory Aquarius with AP GTO-Mach1

Location: S 23° 27' 38,96204"/ E 18° 01' 40,05074"

The use of this observatory is linked to a lease.

Please note the information in the "Conditions and scope of a rental" section below on this page.

Inventory of the observatory

  • equatorial mount with servo drive motors
  • with central cable entry instrument load approx. 25kg
  • with GTO-CP4 servo motor control box and auto-compensated motor gear boxes
  • table and chair
  • counterweights

The control of the mount is very variable. You can control the mount via PC (Windows / Mac) and a variety of software packages (e.g. Guide, The Sky and many others) with or without ASCOM drivers, Mac computers or even with mobile smart devices.

The mount can be tracked by all autoguiders with an SBIG ST-4 output via an interface.

The mount is polar-aligned and ready-to-use on a concrete, sturdy tubular steel column filled with concrete inside the observatory. There is a table and a chair, as well as 220V AC power.

The mount is equipped with a 3 “Losmandy  clamp from Baader. An aluminum plate with 3 “ rail is available, on which there are 2 parallel Losmandy 3“ clamps. This enables the inclusion of two parallel telescopes, each of which must be equipped with 3 "rails.

It is possible to bring your own instruments with you, provided that they have a connection for the 3 “ Losmandy clamp.