Observatory Taurus with AP GTO1200

Location: S 23° 27' 40,30513" / E 18° 01' 01,50659"

The use of this observatory is linked to a rental contract.

Inventory of the observatory

  • The observatory is equipped with an electrically operated retractable roof.
  • Table and chairs
  • Astro Physics GTO 1200 mount GoTo mount (with GTO CP4 Control Box: Firmware Version P02-05) of the highest precision and stability.
  • With manual control (Keypad: Firmware Version V.4.19.3) and serial cable for optional computer control
  • The mount can be tracked via an interface by all autoguiders with SBIG ST-4 output.
  • The mount is equipped with a Baader 3 "clamp (length 370mm) on which there is a rail with two parallel Losmandy 3" clamps. This enables the inclusion of two parallel telescopes, each of which must be equipped with 3 "rails.
  • The aluminum plate is movably mounted on the rail on the mount, so that the telescopes can be balanced at any time.

Note: Software, notebook and CCD cameras are not part of the inventory and must be brought along if necessary!

Information about the mount

The mount is perfectly sealed and the precision of the GTO1200 is so high that exposures with a 300 mm telephoto lens can be exposed for up to 20 minutes exposure time without any tracking control or correction (shorter focal lengths may be longer). Click here to load a sample image (t = 20 minutes). Click here to load a sample image (t = 20 minutes)

Please bring the following accessories

  • if required your own telescope (s) with accessories, otherwise we also offer a selection of telescopes for rent.
  • if required CCD camera + accessories
  • if required, laptop with control programs GUIDE or TheSky