Observatory Stella with ASA DDM85

Location: S 23° 27' 37.4156" / E 18° 01' 1.0299"

The use of this observatory is linked to a rental agreement.

Inventory of the observatory

  • The observatory is equipped with an electrically operated retractable roof
  • table and chair
  • Astronomical mount ASA DDM85 incl. 24V power supply and 7 counterweights (factory new mount installed on October 5th, 2021)
  • ASA 12" astrograph f3.6 incl. focuser and power supply 3" corrector ASI ZWO 6200 MM Pro camera, Alcor ALPHEA All Sky camera, Dragon Fly roof control, complete rewiring, indoor camera
  • Filter wheel FLI cfw 3-12 with 12 positions
  • Notebook with associated software (Autoslew, Maxim DL, The Sky, ASA Focus)
  • Accessories (cable, existing photo adapter)

Note: The user of the observatory must be familiar with the associated software!

Please note the information on the conditions and scope of a rental.

Observatory manual here!

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