Observatory Drebach South

Location: S 23° 27' 36,29015"/ E 18° 01' 1,11775"

Website: www.drebachsouth.net

The use of this observatory is linked to a lease. The astrograph is located on a directly driven ASA DDM85 mount [1] with high-resolution absolute encoders. This is controlled with the ASA software Autoslew.

There are two options for the highly accurate tracking of the telescope. The telescope can be tracked conventionally with an 80/328 mm guide tube and a Moravian G0 Guider camera. Experienced amateur astronomers can use MPLT (Multi Local Point Tracking) in conjunction with the software sequence.

The Moravian G4 16000 CCD camera [2] uses the KAF 16803 CCD chip with an edge length of approx. 37 x 37 mm. With a pixel size of 9 µm, it consists of 4096 x 4096 pixels (16 megapixels). The camera is connected to an external Moravian filter wheel with seven filters. The filter wheel is equipped with square interference filters with an edge length of 50 mm. These are LRGB, H, OIII and SII filters from Baader Planetarium [3]. The camera and the filter wheel are operated with MaximDL [4].

An ASA OK3 focuser is used to focus the Moravian G4 CCD camera. It is controlled via the ASA software ACC.

A notebook with the associated software (e.g. Autoslew, ACC, Sequence, MaximDL, TheSkyX, PinPoint) is used to control all components.

Further applications such as FocusMax V4, CCD Inspector, CCD Autopilot V5 and CCD Stack [all 5] are available.


The observatory is rented with the mount, the astrograph, the CCD camera and the notebook. It is not permitted to change this configuration in any way. The rental is aimed exclusively at experienced amateur astronomers who are familiar with the associated software!



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