Observatory Trappist-1

Location: S 23° 27' 39,68592" / E 18° 00' 51,13305"

The use of this observatory is linked to a lease.

Please note the information in the "Conditions and scope of a rental" section below on this page.

Inventory of the observatory

  • Phillip Keller 16 "f / 8 Hypergraph (focal length: 3200mm)
  • FLI MicroLine 16803 CCD camera
  • FLI filter wheel 5/7 (L, RGB, H, O, S)
  • FLI Focuser Atlas
  • Automatic tracking via off-axis guider and additional camera

ASA DDM 85 Premium mount with PC and Software.

This mount is a robotic high-end mount that, thanks to its precision, can even dispense with conventional tracking controls such as autoguiding. By using a gearless direct drive and high-resolution encoders, tracking accuracy can be achieved that is in the tenth of an arc second.

With the Autoslew software developed by Philip Keller, target and actual positions can be compared more than a hundred times per second. Since the encoders (manufacturer: Renisshaw Signum) are attached directly to the axes, even wind gusts can be compensated for. All electronics are built into the mount and all cables are routed through the hollow axes.

Interface for all common astronomy software programs through ASCOM2 standard.

Mount parameters Software:

  • Autoslew by Philip Keller
  • Load capacity: approx. 65 kg
  • Operating voltage: 48 V.
  • Tracking accuracy: less than 0.25 "RMS in 5 minutes
  • Encoder resolution: 0.02
  • Positioning speed: 10 ° / second
  • Counterweight bar: 50 mm


  • Fully automatic operation possible with prior property planning.
  • Remote operation
  • Computer: Windows 10 including standard Astrosoftware, such as MaximDL or CCDStack.
  • Upon request, software products can be installed as far as they are available, system-compatible and have a valid license.
  • The system has a dedicated Internet line.


The system is available for both local and automated remote use. We ask local rentals here. Please make remote observations, regardless of whether they are planned for the short or long term, here.

Roof construction was automated and optimized or enlarged for the southern and northern visibility area. As a result, there are no more disturbing building structures above 30°.